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In order for baby planning to be successful, factors such as stress and diet must be taken into account. If there is a lack of vitamins or minerals, it is possible that the desire to have children will remain unfulfilled.

Our information and tips will explain which foods and dietary supplements can play a role in female fertility and male sperm quality.

Balanced diet if you want to have children

Couples who want to have children should pay attention to their diet, because it can have a significant impact on fertility. This applies to women and men, because the quality of the sperm also depends on the food. For example, too much meat and fat can have a negative impact on sperm quality. There are now many studies investigating the influence of food on fertility.

An Study examines the effect of diet on female fertility. In women who eat a lot of fast food, fertility is reduced and it takes longer for them to become pregnant. Other factors such as stress, being overweight or underweight, smoking and lack of exercise can also influence the desire to have children. With the right diet, you have the opportunity to reduce the risk of an unfulfilled desire to have children.

When are dietary supplements recommended if you want to have children?

It is always important for health to provide the body with sufficient nutrients. A deficiency can mean that the desire to have children remains unfulfilled. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to a healthy, balanced diet. With dietary supplements, the supply of the body can be ensured.

We carry various products whose ingredients are beneficial for baby planning.

Which nutrients increase fertility in women?

If you have been hoping in vain for a pregnancy, it could be due to an undersupply of various nutrients. Below we list the 10 most important vitamins and minerals that can influence conception.

  • Folic acid (BXNUMX)
  • Selenium
  • Omega-3 fatty acid
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Zinc
  • Iodine

Folic acid (BXNUMX)

Folic acid – as well as folate – can support fertility in women. In addition, it is possible to prevent malformations in the child. Many doctors recommend taking folic acid in preparation for pregnancy. If you're already taking a B vitamin supplement, you probably don't need an additional supplement because folic acid is a B vitamin.

Folic acid is not only important if you want to have children, but also during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Here you can find more information about our dietary supplements during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.


Selenium is a trace element that can help the body detoxify drugs and heavy metals. It can also help fight chronic inflammation like endometriosis and other conditions. High levels of inflammation can put a strain on the immune system and impair fertility. Some medications can impede the absorption of selenium, which is why a dietary supplement is recommended.

Omega fatty acids 3

If necessary, the quality of the egg cells can be optimized with omega-3 fatty acids. They can also have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body, so that inflammation caused by allergies or other autoimmune processes can be reduced. Incidentally, omega-3 can also be important for the development of your baby’s eyes and brain during pregnancy. The organism cannot produce this essential fatty acid itself. Therefore, you should get them through your diet or through dietary supplements.

Oily fish such as sardines, eel, salmon, herring and mackerel are high in omega-3. Red algae, which also contain the unsaturated fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), are also recommended. Linseed oil also contains omega-3, but only the precursors of DHA and EPA. Because the body has to convert this alpha-linoleic acid first, you'll likely need a larger amount for the same effect.

If you want to ensure the supply of omega-3 fatty acids with dietary supplements, you should make sure that the capsules contain enough omega-3. Around 2.000 milligrams a day are recommended if you want to have children. 100 milliliters of omega-3 should have over 400 to 1.000 milligrams of DHA and between 600 and 1.100 milligrams of EPA.

B vitamins

If you have had problems getting pregnant so far, you should also think about vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. A lack of these B vitamins can be the reason. Vitamins B6 and B12 are found in plant and animal foods. However, if there is a deficiency, it is recommended that you take tablets in addition to a balanced diet.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is relevant for the immune system. A disturbed and weak immune system can lead to miscarriages. To fulfill the desire to have children, women should take at least 1.000 IU daily. Before doing so, it is advisable to see a doctor to determine whether there is a vitamin D deficiency. In this case, a higher dosage of around 4.000 IU daily may be necessary. 

Note: It is best to have your blood tested again after about six weeks so that you can adjust the dosage to your current needs. The additional intake of vitamin K2 can improve the absorption of vitamin D.


Many women suffer from iron deficiency because they lose iron through monthly menstruation. A vegan or vegetarian diet can also result in an iron deficiency. Iron strengthens cell function and the immune system and is necessary for the transport of oxygen. The bioavailability of iron is increased by taking vitamin C. The iron supplement should have at least 20 milligrams of iron. If there is a high iron deficiency, the dose must be correspondingly higher.


This mineral can increase fertility and harmonize the metabolism of the cells. Magnesium can play an essential role in egg cell maturation and healthy egg cell division. The mineral is found in bananas, sunflower seeds and other plant foods. However, the intestine can only absorb about 30 percent of magnesium from food. Your body can also lose magnesium through stress and sweating. 

Tip: It is best to have a blood test to check the magnesium level. In the event of a deficiency, a dietary supplement is recommended.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 can also improve the quality of the egg cell. It is possible that the antioxidant strengthens the mitochondria, a large amount of which is found in the oocytes. The mitochondria are responsible, among other things, for the quality of the oocytes, the development and the maturation of the oocytes. They also influence the formation of the embryo.


Zinc may reduce the risk of miscarriage and reduce the length of labor. Good sources of zinc are wheat bran, lamb and fish.


Iodine deficiency can impair the baby's intellectual development. The risk of miscarriage can also increase with an iodine deficiency.

Improve sperm quality with vitamins and minerals

An unhealthy diet can also affect sperm quality. The quality and fertility can be increased by the supply of various nutrients.

The following is an overview of trace elements, minerals and vitamins that you as a man can use to ensure that your desire to have children may come true: 

  • Zinc can promote motility and sperm production.
  • Folic acid can have a positive impact on semen quality.
  • Selenium can ensure good mobility of sperm cells.
  • Vitamin E can increase sperm motility.
  • Coenzyme Q10 can increase the number of sperm cells.
  • L-arginine and L-carnitine can optimize the number and mobility of sperm.

If you need help choosing the right dietary supplement or have questions about intake and dosage, you are welcome to contact our service team at any time.