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Menopausal women can often suffer from various symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings or even depression. There are various dietary supplements to choose from to relieve menopausal symptoms.

What symptoms can occur during menopause?

A woman's body normally goes through hormonal changes between the ages of forty and fiftieth. Menopause can begin and the change in hormones can often cause symptoms. The cause usually lies in the decline in the production of estrogen, which is characterized by fluctuations. It is also possible for the cycle to be irregular until it finally stops altogether.

Women in menopause often suffer from the following symptoms:

  • hot flashes
  • Sweats
  • sleep disorders
  • fatigue
  • listlessness
  • unrest
  • lack of concentration
  • mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • lack of libido
  • Dry vaginal mucous membranes

Some women can deal with the side effects calmly and for other women the symptoms are more pronounced and distressing.

vitamins during menopause

A healthy and balanced diet is generally important. The importance increases during the menopause. It becomes more difficult to meet the need for vitamins and minerals through food because the metabolism can change and the body needs fewer calories.

To prevent weight gain, many women eat less, but then the need for nutrients can no longer be met. Therefore, dietary supplements are recommended during the menopause alongside a healthy diet.

B vitamins

There are eight B vitamins that may be involved in metabolic processes. They can play a huge role in nerve health and mental health.

Women often have a vitamin B9 deficiency. This is folic acid, which can help relieve menopausal symptoms. A deficiency can manifest itself in the form of exhaustion, dizziness, shortness of breath and irritability, among other things. 

It is advisable to take a vitamin B complex so that the requirement of all B vitamins can be covered. Our preparation contains vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, as well as folate, the natural form of folic acid.

Vitamin E

The concentration of vitamin E in the skin and blood can decrease with age. This vitamin is known for its potential antioxidant properties against wrinkling and aging processes. Sunflower seeds, almonds, peppers, peanuts and avocados are rich sources of vitamin E. During the menopause, taking vitamin E may relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, headaches and vaginal itching.

Vitamin D

This fat-soluble vitamin can hardly be absorbed through diet. For this, a lot of fatty fish, fish oil or egg yolk would have to be on the menu. The body can primarily absorb it through the skin and sunlight.

In the winter months, it is often unable to absorb and produce enough vitamin D because there is a lack of sunlight. In addition, the production of vitamin D in the skin can decrease during the menopause.

Furthermore, the so-called sun vitamin can be important for the bones. A lack of vitamin D can therefore promote osteoporosis (bone loss). For this reason, a dietary supplement containing vitamin D is recommended for women going through the menopause.

Important minerals


Calcium is a mineral that is mostly found in the bones. Calcium deficiency can affect bone health. If the deficiency persists for a long time, it could lead to demineralization of the bones and accelerate diseases such as osteoporosis.


This mineral provides energy to the body. It can also be involved in metabolism and muscle, heart, nerve and brain function. Due to stress and frequent sweating, the need is higher because the body can lose magnesium.

A deficiency can manifest itself, among other things, in sleep disorders, restlessness, calf cramps and nervous weakness. Seeds and nuts are high in magnesium.

Magnesium supplements are recommended to meet the daily requirements during the menopause and when you sweat.

Other important ingredients in our product

Chaste tree

Chaste tree is known to build progesterone in many women. Estrogen dominance during menopause can be balanced by the ingredient. In this study it is stated that chaste tree in combination with other herbal substances can alleviate known symptoms during menopause.

St. John's Wort

St. John's wort can help with conditions such as emotional imbalance, sleep problems or anxiety. It can naturally relax you and have a positive impact on your immune system and mental health.

Chamomile flowers

Not only as a tea, but also in dietary supplements, chamomile can be used for hot flashes, headaches and weight gain. With its phytohormones, the medicinal plant can alleviate symptoms caused by hormone fluctuations.

Study: Lifestyle and Diet

Diet and lifestyle are likely to have an impact on symptoms during menopause. For example, women in Asia hardly ever have menopausal symptoms. There are studies on the cultural differences in relation to symptoms during the menopause.

An example is a Pilot study by the Charité Berlin, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Accordingly, among other things, the inner attitude towards the menopause plays a role in the perception of the menopausal symptoms.

Isoflavones for menopausal symptoms

Soy products are part of the diet in Asia. Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones. They are similar to the estrogens that the body can produce. The phytoestrogens can have a mitigating effect on the hormone fluctuations and thus on the associated symptoms.

Up until 2015, taking soy isoflavones was considered controversial. The BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) pointed out that phytoestrogens have a carcinogenic effect. That's through a scientific EFSA Opinion (European Food Safety Authority). The harmlessness of extracts from soya could be proven. Based on these findings, preparations with isoflavones are one way of relieving menopausal symptoms.

Red clover and kudzu also contain isoflavones, so tablets with these secondary plant compounds are recommended during menopause. Although flaxseed also contains phytoestrogens, sufficient intake through food is almost impossible.

Black cohosh for hot flashes

The roots of the plant contain ingredients such as flavonoids and triterpene glycosides, which can primarily help to relieve excessive sweating and hot flashes. Products containing black cohosh can take effect after about two weeks. Due to a sufficient dosage, preparations are preferable to a tea.

It may be possible to take a dietary supplement containing black cohosh for several months. Longer use of more than six months should be discussed with the doctor. Women with an increased risk of breast cancer should also talk to their doctor.

More tips for mental and physical health during menopause

In addition to taking supplements, women can help themselves to feel more relaxed about the symptoms of menopause. The inner attitude towards this natural process can affect how the symptoms are felt. It is not always easy to be more relaxed about physical changes, sweating or sleep disorders. And yet it can help to train yourself to look positively.

1. Yoga

This can be done with meditation or yoga, for example. Coaching can also help to increase self-acceptance and to accept the changes associated with the menopause.

2. Weight control through diet

Weight may be controlled with dietary changes. Some women can maintain their body weight by eating smaller portions or avoiding weight gain with intermittent fasting.

3. Sleep

Adequate sleep is also important. A foot massage with lavender oil promotes sleep. Alcohol and high-calorie foods should be avoided in the evening. Regular exercise and a healthy diet have a positive effect on sleep. In addition, stress should be reduced.  

Sleep-promoting and calming products are food supplements with valerian, black cohosh, green tea, St. John's wort, lemon balm or chaste tree. You can choose from preparations in the form of tablets, capsules or drops.

In addition to green tea, our relaxation food also contains chamomile flowersthat can help you relax.

Help and information on supplements

If you have any questions about the ingredients, the intake or dosage of our dietary supplements, you can contact us. We will also be happy to help you select the items that are suitable for your complaints. If you are being treated by a doctor, you should discuss with your doctor before you buy whether and which preparations you can take for menopausal symptoms.