These are our håvsund mums Luise, Nathalie and Mona. We asked them how they felt on their way from wanting to have children to wanting a child! Here are their stories:


After our first pregnancy I was really jittery! I really wanted to have a little human inside of me again. My husband Thomas also agreed and I was super happy. A sibling for Leonie! Unfortunately it didn't work out right away. The pregnancy test was negative for months. That's why I found out on the Internet and exchanged ideas with other moms. Thomas and I then decided on Fertile+F and Fertile+M. That was our ritual: taking Fertile together every morning! And now the time has come. I am finally pregnant again and we are super happy!


At some point it was there, the desire to have children. My husband Andi and I wanted to try it together and we did. With ovulation calculator and all the trimmings. Even if the chance of getting pregnant is lower at our age. Of course my gynecologist told me that too. Luckily everything was fine with my thyroid and Andi's spermiogram. To be on the safe side, we took both fertile. A little natural help can't hurt! After three long months it finally worked. We were both overjoyed when our little Noah was there and we didn't have to go to a "special practice"!


My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for months. But it just didn't work out and the mood between us was a bit chilly. On my fertile days I felt really under pressure. So we decided on a middle ground. A friend recommended us Fertile from håvsund and yes, Lars and I finally got our hands on a positive pregnancy test! I was so relieved that all that pregnancy pressure was finally off me! And of course it was good for our relationship too!