Stress & Fertility


Stress doesn't always have to mean something negative. Stress causes certain hormones to be released in your body, which trigger various physical reactions and can sharpen your senses, which in many situations help to increase the willingness to perform. 

Only when your stressful situation persists does it become a burden that can lead to depression, sleep disorders or a deterioration in your immune system, among other things.


Effects of stress on your fertility

While there is currently no evidence that stress can be the root cause of infertility, severe stressful situations can cause changes in hormone levels and irregular cycles. In addition, in rare cases, spasms (cramps) in the fallopian tubes and reduced sperm production can occur in men. It has also been proven that stressful situations can have a negative effect on libido in both women and men. 


Stress due to unfulfilled desire to have children

An unfulfilled desire to have children can itself become a very stressful situation. Studies have shown that infertility can generate higher levels of stress than life-threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Many couples experience the situation between hope for a pregnancy and the disappointment when it doesn't work out every month anew. This can create the feeling that you are no longer in control of your life and your body. The fertility treatment itself, the tests, the treatment and the financial burden can also be both physically and emotionally taxing and pose challenges to the relationship.


What can you do?

The desire to have a child should not be the most important purpose in life. This only makes it more difficult. Try to find a common balance with your partner, such as sports or activities with friends. The main thing is that you enjoy life! Once your stress levels are down and you feel ready, you and your partner can have a nice evening together and try it without the pressure. 

It will work for you too! Don't give up hope, we're here for you!


Stress & Diet

An often neglected cause of stress is an unhealthy diet. Without enough vitamins, the body can also be to blame for our hypersensitivity to stress.

To counteract this, we have developed håvsund Relax.

🌱 Natural ingredients such as chamomile flower extract and green tea extract combined with a vitamin complex protect against oxidative stress, reduce fatigue and have many other positive properties to better arm you against stress.

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