You have ordered in our online shop and would like to return the product(s) you ordered?
Here we explain step by step how it works:

1. ORDER NO. & E-Mail Address SEARCH OUT

To register your return via our returns portal, you absolutely need the 12-digit order number. from your order confirmation (e.g. #00010000001) and the email address you gave when placing your order.


  1. Go to our returns portal using the link below.
  2. Enter your order number. and the email address you used to place your order and click on "Order".
  3. Your ordered product(s) appear on the page.
  4. Please select a suitable reason for your return and state how many packages you would like to return.
    Please note: In principle, we can only accept unopened packages.
  5. Now you can optionally leave a comment and upload photos.
  6. Your delivery address from your order is automatically pre-filled.
  7. Please click on the "Create return request" button.
  8. You will be forwarded to the next page and can download the return slip under "Downloads".
  9. If you have registered the return by mistake, you can undo it under "Cancel return request".
  10. Your registered return will now be sent to us for verification.
  11. You will receive an email from us with detailed instructions for the next steps.

3. RETURN completed

We will notify you once we have processed your return and initiated the refund. If we have created a voucher for you, you will receive it immediately by email. If it is a refund to your originally specified payment method, please note that it may take a few days for the refund amount to reach them.

4. RETURN Rejected

If we are of the opinion that your return is not justified (e.g. the cancellation period has expired), we reserve the right to reject your return request. You will then receive an email from us with the reason for the rejection.

Important hints:

  • If you return your order without first registering your return via the portal and without your registration having been confirmed by us by email beforehand, we will unfortunately not be able to process and complete the return.
  • We can only accept unopened packages.