Breastfeeding Positions


You and your baby have individual needs, so there is no one perfect breastfeeding position that fits all babies and all mums alike. Find a breastfeeding position that works for you and your baby.


The cross cradle posture

Find a comfortable chair or armchair with one armrest and sit up straight. Next, bring your baby to the front of your body, with your baby's tummy touching your own. Then, hold the baby's body in the crook of your arm, opposite the breast you want him to suckle from. So use the right arm for the left breast and the left arm for the right breast. You can support your baby's head with your open hand and use your other hand to grip your breast from underneath in a C-grip. Now you can carefully bring the back of your baby's head to your breast.


The cradle posture

In this variant, you support your baby with the arm that is on the same side as the nursing breast. Your baby's head will rest comfortably in the crook of your elbow while looking at your chest. Here, make sure your baby's head is in line with the rest of their body and is not turned to one side.

cradle posture

Full supine position

back grip


back grip

If you are recovering from a cesarean section or have fairly large breasts, the back position while breastfeeding can be very comfortable for you. Hold your baby horizontally next to you with your elbow bent. You can support your baby's head with an open hand and point it toward your chest. The baby's back rests on your forearm like you're tucking a soccer ball under your arm. You can use your other hand to support your chest to make it that little bit more comfortable. This breastfeeding position is also very suitable for premature babies.


The Hoppe-Reiter seat

The Hoppe-Reiter seat is well suited for children who swallow a lot of air when drinking or who have reflux problems. Sit up straight and hold your baby on your lap or on one of your thighs so that your baby is turned toward your chest. Your child's legs will hang down on the left and right sides. You can use your hand or your forearm to support your child's head, back or bottom. It's best to use the arm on the side your child will be drinking from.


The full back position

This position is very suitable for slightly older babies. It's also ideal if you have an excess of milk, as the milk flows against gravity, slowing down the flow a bit. Lie flat on your back here, but place a pillow under your head so you can still have a good view of your baby. Your baby will lie with their tummy on your side or tummy and cup the breast with their mouth from below. If necessary, you can support the little head with your hand.


The lateral position

If you prefer to breastfeed while lying down, then this position is very suitable for you. Lie on your side here and possibly pull your legs up in the way that is most comfortable for you. Lay your baby tummy to tummy so that they cannot turn their heads while breastfeeding. Your baby's mouth should be level with your nipple. Pull your baby close to you to latch and make sure your own head is well supported by a pillow so your shoulders and arms can stay relaxed.


The inverted side position

It is best to lie on your side as described above, your baby is also lying on its side, just turned 180 degrees so that its little feet are pointing towards your head. You can stabilize your baby with a pillow or blanket if necessary. This breastfeeding position may seem a little strange to you at first, but try it out anyway and see how you and your baby like it.

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